Energy policy consulting

Effective policy consulting

Efficiency, security of supply and climate protection – Competitively structured energy markets require a regulatory framework and complementary tools that make the realization of these objectives possible in a balanced manner. r2b energy consulting is an independent consulting firm that works with you to find suitable solutions and analyzes the effects of proposed measures in the field of energy policy.

Up-to-date. Innovative. Sustainable.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the scientific monitoring and evaluation of legislative processes, we have comprehensive knowledge of energy market design in Germany and Europe. We monitor the continuous change of the regulatory and legal framework in the energy industry and actively participate in current discussions and innovations.

We support you with the following topics

Market and regulatory design

Competitive energy markets are subject to comprehensive regulation. This defines market design and the rules for other regulated areas – for example, market segments, energy industry infrastructures, and responsibilities or settlement mechanisms in energy markets.

Model-based, quantitative policy impact assessment

Our quantitative and empirical methodological competence, our detailed knowledge of the market, as well as our many years of experience in the field of empirical economic research, enable us to discuss the effects of existing political frameworks and instruments, and provide reliable quantitative estimates – even in the most complex cases. For the quantitative analysis of Europe-wide effects and interactions of energy policy decisions, we rely in particular on our energy system model SESAM, which has been tried and tested over many years and has been continuously expanded.

Professional partner for energy and climate protection policy

We develop scientifically sound positions for you that can be implemented in practice. We support you in presenting well-founded reasoning in all phases of the legislative process and in making informed decisions.

We are a professional knowledge partner in the field of energy and climate protection policy.