Power grids

The energy transition’s engine

The success and speed of the energy transition is largely dependent on the further expansion of electrical grids. The transmission of the increasing wind energy generated in northern Germany to the consumption centers in the south is particularly important in the transmission network.

The purpose of the distribution network is currently changing fundamentally. Whereas in the past its objective was just the distribution of centrally generated electricity, distribution networks now increasingly have to respond not only to fluctuating consumption but also to severely fluctuating local generation.

Surface potential of onshore wind in the Westphalia region

Intelligent grid planning for distribution networks

Network expansion projects must be planned well in advance due to the long lifespan of network investments. You must make a realistic assessment of the future development of electricity demand, on the one hand, and of the supply and self-supply of electricity in your distribution network, on the other hand. Network planning must be based on a multitude of relevant hours.

We support you in your expansion plans by individually predicting the development of the hourly load, feed-in and self-supply of your network area for the next few decades.

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The expansion of electricity motorways

The transmission system must be modernized and expanded, in order to ensure high network stability and the security of supply further into the future. We support you in planning your network control area. Firstly, we predict for you the further expansion of renewable energies and their hourly feed-in for the next few decades. Secondly, we prepare a forecast of load development, taking into account future changes in consumption behavior as a result of energy efficiency, electric mobility, climate control etc. We create our forecast not only for your control area or Germany, but can expand it to include any European countries. In addition, we offer our prognosis for different historical weather and load years.

More information about our models for predicting feed-in and load profiles can be found here.

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Selected References

Our experience in the area of electrical grids

Electricity demand study

Client: Energy supply company

This study focuses on the changes in electricity consumption over the coming decades. Our approach: We examined how annual electricity consumption, as well as hourly load profile, will continue to develop. We analyzed the most important influencing factors such as electromobility, technological progress and efficiency, economic structural change and climate control in detail; we also show their impact on energy consumption and load. In order to estimate the development of the load profiles of individual sectors, we worked on a variety of individual consumption profiles for the sectors’ households, trade/commerce/services, transport, industry and the public sector. We considered different scenarios in this project, due to the large uncertainties of these developments. This way, we can represent an optimal range of possible developments.

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Analysis of the development of renewable energy in Central-West Europe (CWE)

Client: Energy supply company

The major component of this project is high-resolution, regional, detailed cost/potential analysis for European countries. Furthermore, we developed different scenarios for the development of installed capacity, electricity generation and self-consumption of renewable energy on an hourly basis. Our project basis: High resolution databases of European installations and weather conditions.

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Contribution of the electrical grid to climate protection

Client: Umweltbundesamt (UBA)

In this project with the Umweltbundesamt, we analyzed (in cooperation with Consentec) the impact of the increasing proportion of renewable energies in electricity generation on the German transmission networks, and identified the adaptation and expansion needs that result. Our analyzes are based on model-based simulations of different scenarios for the technology mix and the regional distribution of renewables expansion. We performed load flow modeling of the German and European electricity grids to determine the expansion requirements and costs for the transmission grid.

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Conditions for an optimal integration of renewable energies into the energy supply system

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Within this project for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), we analyzed different development paths for renewable energies and their effects on, among others, existing power plants, electricity prices and electrical grids.

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