Renewable Energies

The challenging, key market of the future

The age of renewables has been reached and the energy transition is in full swing. In order to integrate renewable energy sources as a safe and clean alternative to fossil-thermal power generation efficiently, far-reaching measures to further develop the current energy system are necessary.

Energy companies - and all other actors involved in the energy transition - have to face extensive restructuring and adaptation measures in the context of this process; in order make the new energy system a success. The aim of the energy transition is to accelerate the expansion process of renewable energies, and to design the entire energy system in a safe and competitive way.

Examine with us:

  • Costs, potentials and technologies of renewable energies
  • Quantitative analysis of the profitability of your renewable energy projects
  • Political action occurring at a national and European level towards the successful market integration of renewable energies
  • Development of quantitative (market) scenarios for the development of renewable energy in Europe
  • Demonstration and implications of European promotion designs
  • Economic costs of renewables promotion

The energy revolution as the engine of your success

In addition to complex challenges, the energy transition offers many opportunities. ‘Renewable energies' can be viewed as a separate, fast-growing industry, opening up new business areas. The value chain extends from the production of generating plants, project planning and construction of renewable energy schemes as well as their operation and marketing, right up to end-customer sales.

Solar roof on a domestic house

r2b energy consulting supports you in mastering the complex challenges of the energy transition, optimally tailing our advice to your market position and business goals, and helping you seize the opportunities presented by renewable energies. As your capable and reliable partner, we provide you with the necessary understanding of the market by optimally adapting our analysis to your individual requirements through intensive discussions. As result, we work with you to develop professional solutions for your success  –   supported by our extensive market and consulting experience gained through years of cooperation with the major political institutions and companies.

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Where. What. When. How much.

Actors in the electricity market need an assessment of how renewable energies are developing, both temporally and spatially, as well as in terms of scope.

We work out scenarios and forecasts for you that you can use to efficiently plan future investments in, for example, grids or power plants. For this, we use our different renewables models, and extensive databases on weather, plants and potentials. As a result, we will provide you with a detailed expansion prognosis for individual renewable energy technologies; including hourly input profiles for different annual weather conditions that will facilitate your assessment of the future development of renewables. And this includes all countries in Europe!

Take advantage of our expertise, our data and our tools to be on the right site with your investment decisions.

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Offshore windpark

From central to decentralized

The power installation and plant landscape in Germany is changing. Again, the energy transition has accelerated the transfer from the central input of large power plants to decentralized supply, in particular from renewables.

Since the present power supply is substantially based on a central system, wide-ranging adjustments are necessary in order to continue to provide electricity safely to consumers. Instead of a large power plant, hundreds or even thousands of decentralized, smaller plants are being built, with their locations optimally matched to regional conditions such as weather or potential.

The regional distribution of this extension and the hourly input of renewable energies have a significant impact on the outcome of network expansion plans, and so on investments in power plants and energy distribution. For the majority of renewable energies, the input is supply-dependent, and therefore greatly influenced by regional conditions.

Using our highly-detailed regionalization models, extensive databases uand the tried and tested experience of our consultants; we support you with the regional planning of your investment.

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Examine with us:

  • Forecast of the addition of renewables regionally for all renewable energy technologies for individual regions (e.g. across network/grid areas)
  • Prediction of the regional hourly input of all renewable energy technologies for individual regions (e.g. network/grid areas) and years differing climatically
  • Prognosis for residual load in individual areas
  • Estimate of the retroactive effects of decentralization on the conventional power plant park
  • Forecast of the future need for flexibility, due to this increasing decentralization

Your renewable energy expert

We work out potential analyzes for the different renewable energy technologies of European countries and the cost of electricity by source. To this end, we use our extensive geocoded databases as well as elaborately prepared weather data in high spatial and temporal resolution.

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The future development of the electricity system depends largely on the construction and supply of renewable energy. We work out scenarios and forecasts:

  1. Costs and potentials analyzes of renewable energies
  2. Short, medium and long-term forecasts of individual renewable energy technologies in almost any spatial resolution, based on our renewable energy model
  3. Generation or input prognosis, based on detailed hourly generation or input data for the weather of different years; particularly for supply-dependent renewable energy technologies such as wind energy, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power. We can draw on an extensive data pool that accounts for years differing meteorologically.

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Predictions of the development of hourly energy input are increasingly gaining importance, with growing integration of renewable energies - especially for developing supply-dependent renewable energy technologies. Among others, these forecasts have a substantial impact on the:

  • Development of hourly electricity prices
  • Need for conventional power plants
  • Development of the need for flexible power generation technologies
  • Need for the expansion of electricity grids

For anywhere in Europe, we can create detailed hourly energy-input profiles in virtually any spatial resolution. We take account of foreseeable future developments, such as greater hub heights or altered system designs (e.g. weak vs. strong wind plants, or the east-west orientation of photovoltaic).

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Within Europe, there are many different promotional systems for renewable energy - and their designs are constantly changing. We analyze the promotional systems in different countries and guide your decision on investing in other markets.

Get the following overview of the market with us:

  • Detailed description of the promotional instruments, taking account of individual renewable energy technologies and renewable energy plants (feed-in tariffs, bonuses, the possible development of green electricity certificate prices, and other promotional sources)
  • Analysis of potential additional revenue streams, such as wholesale electricity prices (relevant for premium models and quota obligation schemes, for example)

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The revenue generated by renewable systems on the wholesale electricity market depends on their respective, fluctuating input and the corresponding hourly electricity prices on the electricity exchange. This market value is already crucial for direct marketers in Germany. They can optimize their investment portfolio and revenues with assets of higher technology-specific market value (compared to the average).

The development of market values is even more relevant in countries where reduced market values are not, at least partially, compensated for by a promotional system. In this case, a further increase in the construction of new renewable energy sources can reduce the market value of wind power and photovoltaic systems, rendering planned projects uneconomical.

  • We provide a thorough overview of the relevance of market values across different promotional systems.
  • For all European countries, we forecast the development of individual technologies’ market value.
  • We will show you what opportunities and risks arise in each respective country.

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We forecast expansion paths for any area (e.g. network/grid areas), taking into account specific regional conditions such as potential and weather conditions for individual renewable technologies.

At the same time, we forecast hourly feed-in structures for differing climatic years on the basis of our high resolution spatial and temporal weather data. As a result, you will receive an hourly input time series as well as the underlying expansion paths of individual renewable energy technologies for any number of forecast years.

We are also happy to predict the residual load of respective areas for you. To this end, we also employ our regional load forecast model.

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Selected references

Learn more about our projects!

Market value of renewable electricity

Client: Transmission system operator

The development of the market value of renewable technologies is necessary to determine the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) levy. Within this report, we modeled the development of market value, taking into account the future hourly input profiles of different renewables.

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Medium-term forecast for German electricity generation from EEG subsidized power plants

Client: Transmission system operators

For this project, we forecast the growth of Germany's electricity from EEG subsidized power plants up to 2018. This forecast was the basis for the determination of the EEG levy in 2014 and took a position on its development up to 2018. On a monthly basis, we created a detailed forecast on the development of installed capacity, generation and internal consumption levels, the use of marketing options and the associated funding payments.

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Countries report for renewable energies

Client: Energy supply company

This project saw us calculate, among other factors, current growth in renewable energy and possible future development paths in European countries. We worked out the uncertainties associated with these future developments - both in technical and economic, as well as political, terms.

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Analysis of the development of renewable energy in Central-West Europe (CWE)

Client: Energy supply company

The main component of this project included regional high-resolution, detailed cost/potential analyzes for European countries. Furthermore, we developed different scenarios for further growth in installed capacity, electricity generation and in the internal consumption of renewable energy on an hourly basis. The basis of our project: high-resolution databases of European installations and weather conditions.

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Development and provision of hourly input profiles for renewable energy for European countries

Client: Energy supply company

We calculated hourly feed-in profiles for different renewable technologies, based on our extensive database of high resolution spatial and temporal historical weather conditions, as well as our detailed installation database, and made these available to the customer.

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Promotion of direct marketing and the needs-based input of electricity from renewable sources

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

We analyzed two proposed models for the direct marketing of renewable energy on behalf of the BMWi, in cooperation with Consentec, within this report. On the one hand, this applies to the market premium model with a focus on the (alternative) marketing of EEG-electricity on the competitive market, and the granting of an additional market premium. On the other hand, the so-called Combined Power Plant Bonus (CPPB) will be discussed. CPPB aims for a need-based and grid-relieving effect through the establishment of virtual combined power plants in regional delimitations. But it does not provide for direct access to the competitive market, as opposed to the market premium model. We have analyzed these two proposed models with particular regard to the EEG 2009 objectives of an improved market and grid integration of EEG electricity and provided recommendations for its improvement.

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Analysis and estimation of possible developments in solar energy in Turkey until 2040

Auftraggeber: Energy supply company

We produced a detailed analysis and forecast of the possible future development of photovoltaics and solar thermal power plants in Turkey. This covers both future economic, as well as political and technical, conditions. Based on our analysis, we calculated hourly input profiles for the generation technologies observed regionally at a high resolution.

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