Market design & Regulation

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We always have the latest overview of the market and regulatory design. This is through our active participation in the discussion of possible changes and innovations and our extensive knowledge of the details of these regulations. Thereby ensuring we are up-to-date right from the start, in the event of possible changes.

Just a few examples of the diverse and complex regulations of the legal framework, which are subject to continuous change:

  • Design of the balancing markets in electricity and gas markets
  • Regulations of the balancing group and accounting system
  • Systematics of network utilization charges
  • Levies and government taxes
  • Design of the tender process for renewables
  • Direct and indirect support for self-generation and cogeneration plants

We identify the current challenges and future opportunities for your business or for your area of responsibility

Working with you, we identify the current need for action and the future opportunities for your business or for your own area of responsibility. We provide you with ideas for sustainable strategies to meet today's challenges and for your medium and long-term positioning in the market:

  • Improving the revenue situation of existing assets and reducing your costs
  • Development of new, profitable business models and identifying promising investment options

r2b energy consulting is the expert knowledge partner at your side from idea to implementation. We support you with our long-standing practical experience and our expertise in successfully implementing your ideas into your business, in order to compete in the market.

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Our competence - your key to success!

Employee training and workshops

In the intense competition between established and new market players, the best ideas will emerge. Innovation, the know-how of your company and your employees, positive experiences with the optimization of your business, as well as a rapid implementation speed will be the key factors in your success.

Test the value we can add for you through training and workshops.

Working with you, we design in-house workshops or training for your employees, individually tailored to your needs. It is self-evident, for us, that we should take account of your needs and the experiences of your employees in different areas. Or simply select one of our one-day, standardized themed-workshops.

En route to electricity market 2.0

Diverse topics. Extensive expertise.

Germany has opted for an evolutionary development of the design of its electricity market. The current competitive market, on the principle of a so-called energy-only market, is being further developed and supplemented by a capacity and climate reserve. Against this backdrop, several questions arise:

  • What are the implications, and what are the opportunities and risks that arise for the operators of generation plants?
  • What are the options for consumers to reduce their procurement costs and to address the risk of price peaks on the wholesale market?
  • Which new business models and investment options are attractive and solid under these conditions?

We provide you with the answers and options for action, based on our in-depth analysis.

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Participation in the balancing power markets requires extensive economic, legal and technical know-how. We outline for you the current market and product design of the balancing power markets and the changes currently planned. We analyze your options and the revenue potential of marketing the flexibility of your generation facilities or consumption processes to the different segments of the balancing power markets. We advise you, starting right from the prequalification process, on the options to hedge your obligation to deliver, or on taking part in a marketing pool, through to optimizing your daily bidding strategy.

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The active management of your balancing group creates numerous opportunities for you, for example as a trader, distributor, marketer of renewable energy or as an industrial consumer. You can keep your balancing energy costs and cost risks low, and improve your position over your competitors through slight discrepancies between your pending and realized timetables. Active management will gain importance because of the planned strengthening of incentives for the balancing group and balancing energy system in the ongoing development of the electricity market towards electricity market 2.0. We show you what options are opening up due to current and foreseeable adjustments to the design of the market, and support you in implementing operational change.

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Actively using the possibilities for reducing your network utilization fees (within the framework of the systematic, as well as the existing exemption regulations) can lead to significant reductions in electricity purchase costs for consumers. We show you the possibilities offered by the legal and regulatory framework today and in the future – in light of the proposed adjustments to numerous regulations – for the reduction of network fees through the active management of your electricity purchases.

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The days in which investors built renewable energy plants and then fed their electricity into the network over a period of 20 years at a fixed rate of remuneration belong to the past. The adjustments of the Renewable Energies Act in recent years and the proposed transition to a system of tendering requires active marketing and bidding strategies, in order for you as an investor and/or operator to successfully remain competitive. Working with you, we can demonstrate the consequences of the changing regulatory framework and identify both the need, and options, for action.

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Increasing allocations, governmental charges and network utilization fees have increased the electricity procurement costs for consumers in recent years. We work with you to analyze to what extent self-generation systems can reduce your electricity costs – also considering any reduction in the privileges granted for own consumption. We discuss your individual requirements and ways to build self- generation with you, quantify the expected reductions in electricity costs and assess the risks that could arise from a further reduction in the privileges granted for own consumption.

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Selected References

Our market design & regulation projects

Feasibility study for the introduction of a 'green electricity auction' stock exchange

Client: Network operator

Working for a network operator, we analyzed the possibility of introducing a 'green electricity auction' stock exchange for electricity from renewable energy sources, in addition to today's Renewable Energy Act. Implementation: we calculated the advantages and disadvantages; the implementation considerations of such a supplement; and examined the implementation requirements, and the impact on the tasks and risks for the transmission network operators.

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Workshop: Marketing strategies and price forecasts for balancing energy markets in Germany

Client: Energy supply company

In this workshop, we explained price formation and different marketing strategies on balancing energy markets. We also discussed the options for short-term price forecasts as well as the implementation of optimal marketing strategies with the employees of an energy supply company.

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Efficient regime for the development of renewable energies, the development of the 'energy-only' market and the preservation of the EU-ETS

Client: RWE AG

In this project for RWE AG, we investigated the links between the EU-ETS and the further expansion of renewable energies in Germany, in cooperation with Frontier Economics. From this, we derived the required adjustments to the design of the electricity market and the promotion of renewables; in order to ensure the long-term operability of current market regulations.

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Optimizing the generation portfolio, taking account of avoided network utilization fees

Client: Public utility company

In the first step of this project, we analyzed the regulatory provisions of avoided network utilization fees with regard to the optimization of the revenues of the generation portfolio of a public utility company. In a second step, we quantified the potential revenue for the concrete production portfolio of the public utility company, in the framework of scenario calculations. In addition, we made proposals for adjustments to the operational marketing of the generation portfolio..

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