Rating & Arbitration

Independent. Individual. Quantitative. Valid.

Decisions on energy economic projects of any kind require your management to have the best possible information on all economic considerations. Once taken, decisions must be captured accurately in contracts with partners and contractors. In both cases, the project requires a neutral party that is disinterested but which has a lot of expertise.

Investment decisions can only be evaluated as positive by your management if the project is economical - that is, when the –  „hurdle rate“  – is exceeded - and therefore a sufficient equity yield rate is achievable for investors. We support your efforts to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the project and to ensure a sustainably optimal decision with appropriate analyzes and assessments. If, over the term of your investment, legal disputes arise with contractors, the parties must often stand before the arbitration judge. r2b energy consulting provides you with the right economic arguments, in the form of expert opinions, and can also present them in court.

Also, constantly monitoring your economic activity in the form of quantitative assessments is indispensable during operations. Individual projects or contracts can be scrutinized with a view to strategic reorientation. Even in the event of a possible change of ownership, we can optimally advise on both the buyer and the seller side with reviews, due diligence and business plans.

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