Conciliation Cases & Arbitration

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The energy industry is not only a complex industry, it is above all a dynamic industry: the framework for your contracts is changing rapidly. In rare cases, this results in disagreement between contracting parties about how to deal with contract amendments. In this situation, our energy economic expertise can provide you with comprehensive support. First, we search with you for ways to find an acceptable solution for both sides. We represent your arguments using energy economic reports and act as experts in court, in the event of an arbitration procedure.

Our services in arbitration procedures:

  • We help you to build a coherent argument.
  • We quantify the change in value since the conclusion of the contract.
  • We compose energy economic reports.
  • We develop solutions for the practical implementation of an arbitration award.
  • We represent your position before the court of arbitration.

Selected References

Our assessment & arbitration projects

Energy policy advice and counseling in arbitration proceedings

Client: Energy supply company

Our client was being sued in a court of arbitration in order to change a valid electricity supply contract for a power plant project abroad. The project team at r2b guided the customer through arbitration. We calculated energy economic estimates, discussed arguments and provided our expertise in energy economics and our opinions that served as a complement to the legal framework.

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Lawsuit: Report and consultancy

Client: Virtual power plant & trading company

The auction design on German balancing power market should be changed by the German regulatory authority with negative impacts on the business of our client.

We support our client with economic advice during the legal proceedings as well as with support on collecting, evaluating and analysing available data.

Additionally, we wrote a report on the energy economic impacts induced by changing the rules on the German balancing markets taking into account current national and European developments on energy policy and legislation.

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Client: Law firm

Our client pursued the modification of a contract through an international arbitration procedure. Our opinion, as experts in energy economics, showed (among other things) the change in value that had occurred since the contract was signed, how this change was brought about and the extent to which it was foreseeable when the contract was signed.

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Client: Industrial company

The industrial company signed a long-term contract with a partner. Several years after the conclusion of the contract, the partner sought to make changes with which our client disagreed. In the ensuing international arbitration, we advised and assisted the client with a variety of energy economic analyzes.

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