Contract reviews

Individual and sustainable consultation

We evaluate your energy contracts with an individual set of instruments, customized to the matter in question. We use both models to derive scenarios for uncertain parameters (for example, future electricity prices, gas prices, balancing energy prices) as well as methods to depict the flexibility of your contracts. Relationships and dependencies (portfolio effects) are taken into account and quantified separately, as required. We are also happy to support you with our tools for price forecasting.

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Selected References

Our contract review projects

Design of contractual arrangements to enable the integrated marketing of a joint-venture power plant on the electricity and balancing markets

Client: Energy supply company

The client is a partner in a joint-venture power plant who faces the challenge of adjusting the existing contractual arrangements in such a way as to control the marketing of balancing energy. In the context of an arbitration procedure, we examined the existing contracts for the marketing of the joint-venture power plant. We assessed to what extent these are suitable for the joint marketing of power plant capacity. We then assisted the client in adapting the contracts to the new requirements.

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Review of a report for determining the notice amount of an electricity supply agreement

Client: Law firm

This law firm sought the modification of a contract through an arbitration procedure. In energy economic reports, r2b shows the change in value since the signing of the contract and how the desired change can be implemented with low transaction costs.

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