Power Plant Evaluation

Keeping an eye on all sources of income - with r2b energy consulting

A meaningful evaluation of power plants must be very sustainable, due to the long service life of the systems. At the same time, revenue – affected by both price fluctuations on the costs and income side as well as by regulatory intervention – can be earned in different markets. Our power plant evaluation service draws on our extensive methodological expertise – particularly in modeling. Both our European electricity market model and our econometric prognosis models are used for evaluation projects. Since our founding in 2009, we have carried out power plant evaluations for conventional electricity generation plants, for plants with combined heat and power, renewable energy and new technologies. What is our main focus here? In addition to revenue from the wholesale electricity market, we take other sources of income into account (country-specific if necessary). The main aspects here are, for example, balancing energy, capacity mechanisms, and portfolio effects, or real options. Both our European electricity market model and our econometric prognosis models are used for evaluation projects.

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Selected References

Our power plant evaluation projects

The Economics of Flywheels

Client: Energy supply company

'The Economics of Flywheels' is a project in which we examine the market opportunities for flywheel design electricity storage. In the first step of the project, we estimated future prices on the wholesale market for electricity, as well as on the balancing energy markets. We then determined the revenue in these markets for different system configurations, especially with regard to the relation between power and storage function. This way, the contractor is supported to make an optimal decision during their investment project follow-up.

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Optimized power plant operation, taking into account avoided grid utilization fees

Client: Energy supply company

In this project, we investigated the operational mode of several power plant units of a municipal energy supplier for electricity and heat supply. We explicitly modeled the optimization of the plant park, compared to participation in the balancing energy markets. We took account of the recoverable, avoided grid utilization fees and any stochastic demands with retroactive effects on the balancing energy costs.

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