Generation strategies

Benefit from the flexibility of your installations

We are recognized experts when it comes to energy infrastructure modeling optimization. We have a variety of optimization tools with which we can compare and evaluate different plant operation and storage optimization strategies for you.

  • Do you have an existing portfolio of generation plants, energy storage and transmission infrastructure?
  • Do you run a virtual power plant?
  • Are you considering the best possible use of your installations to maximize revenue in the short-term intraday business?

Each plant and each plant system has individual technical characteristics that are essential for operational planning and related economic revenues. This is especially true for larger industrial production sites which use their energy generation facilities primarily to generate process heating and cooling, and to which the power generation represents an additional business, in to take full advantage of the installation.

Your individual generation & storage portfolio

Our tools are far more than generic, 'one size fits all' solutions: they are modified flexibly to ensure they answer the specific questions facing you. This enables appropriate modeling and the implementation of complex integrated energy infrastructure systems. In addition to pure energy optimization, we take into account the revenue opportunities that arise from the sale of generation capacity, for example on the balancing energy markets.

As a result, the flexibility of your system is optimally translated into revenue!

Moreover, we can easily take account of commercial restrictions to operational optimization. We optimally model the details of the technical and economic aspect of your individual generation and storage portfolio, in order to open up new generation strategies and marketing channels. Then we can combine our flexible power plant usage optimization tools with the best possible bidding strategies for all of the major markets.

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Selected References

Our field generation strategy projects

Optimized power plant operation, taking into account avoided network charges

Client: Energy supply company

We investigated the mode of operation of several power plant units of a municipal energy company’s electricity and heat supply. We explicitly model the optimization of the plant park against its participation in the balancing energy markets. We take into account the achievable avoided network charges and any stochastic demands with retroactive effects on balancing energy costs.

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Examining the portfolio effect in the economic evaluation of generation assets

Client:Energy supply company

Decisions on new investments, modernization or the decommissioning of power plants involves the consideration of a variety of influencing factors. The return on investment and the associated risk of such a decision are not only influenced by the power plant itself, but also by interactions due to other generation installations the company owns. We assisted our client in developing a methodology to evaluate this portfolio effect, taking it into account in our assessment of the plants.

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Marketing and storage optimization in the gas industry

Client: Gas supply company

We evaluated the revenue opportunities of different gas storage management strategies for a gas supply company. We considered options ranging from participation in the form of 'virtual gas storage discs', to construction and entry into the physical gas storage business. Our evaluation included the embedding of this into their existing portfolio and the resulting synergy potential in our analysis.

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Determination of revenue opportunities from storage pooling

Client: Technology developer

We investigated the potential of short-term storage in virtual power plants to provide flexibility. We evaluated ways to reduce the cost of balancing grid management and how to optimally sell the flexibility provided on the balancing markets

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