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We ensure the solvency and continuity of your company with our risk management services. In trading and portfolio management in particular, corporate transactions are continually complemented by an optimally-adjusted risk management strategy. In addition to the 'classic' price risks, we assist you in dealing with liquidity risk, counterparty credit risk or the risk of extreme events. We help our customers to re-establish or expand their approach to risk management. From the calculation of metrics calculation, and the structure and development of risk manuals, to the design of risk committee meetings – you are in safe hands with us!

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Selected references

Our risk management projects

Building a portfolio and risk management in the gas industry

Client: Energy supply company

In this project, the customer aimed to completely realign in portfolio management to respond to changing conditions in the gas market. We support the energy supply company - also in several port projects – to make the most of the opportunities. The project steps include the establishment of the wholesale market price as transfer pricing, the development of a portfolio management strategy, the optimal management of long-term purchase agreements and the development of risk management.

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Consideration of the portfolio effect in the assessment of industrial energy generation assets ssets

Client: Energy supply company

Decisions on new investments, the modernization or decommissioning of power plants involves the consideration of a variety of influencing factors. The return on investment, and the associated risk of such a decision, is influenced not only by the power plant itself but also by the other generation facilities owned, through their interactions. For the customer in this project, we developed a methodology by which this portfolio effect can be detected and thus be taken into consideration in the assessment of generating capacity.

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