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What do you need in order to succeed in the market? New products and innovative commercial ideas! Through new strategies you can generate additional profits. In recent years, we have advised our clients in areas such as the development of new trading strategies as a result of the revenue shift from the wholesale electricity market onto the intraday and balancing markets. But trading opportunities also exist in other commodity markets, such as for coal and natural gas. In the gas sector, we help our clients to develop trading strategies for portfolios of natural gas storage facilities, flexible long-term contracts and wholesale products. Benefit from our tools for price forecasting.

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Selected References

Our trade projects

Fundamental market analysis for a gas trading company in the context of energy policy

Client: Gas supply company

In addition to innovations, such as the ability to transport gas in liquid form (so-called 'LNG'), there have been political and regulatory interventions as well as changes in commodity markets that have influenced the development of the market and created revenue opportunities. The aim of this project was to develop a fundamental understanding of the changes in the gas market. One of the most important aspects of this case? The development of a fundamental European gas market model. Our analysis helps the gas supply companies to anticipate medium- and long-term development of volumes and prices, thereby improving the basis for strategic business decisions (and downstream operational decisions).

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Balancing power markets in Germany - incentives, efficiency & market design

Client: Energy trading company

In the context of this project, we analyzed the market and product design, such as bid acceptance and allowance rules, and the duration of bidding phases with regard to the incentive structures. We also looked at the efficiency, trading strategy and competition effects on the balancing energy markets (in cooperation with Prof. Axel Ockenfels of the University of Cologne) for an energy trading company, and discussed this with the client. On this basis, we examined adjustment options. We published selected results of this analysis and our conclusions in several articles.

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Optimizing the management of procurement contracts, taking power prices into account

Client: Energy supply company

In this project, we developed a mathematical model to determine the optimal use of gas supply contracts in a portfolio. We take into account the wholesale prices on the spot market as well as all contractual arrangements for the nomination. The customer applies this model in order to manage their contracts. To aid portfolio management, we discuss the most recent results in weekly sessions.

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