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We create the perfect conditions for the development of your message using our reliable analyses of the effects of the energy and environmental political landscape on the dynamically changing energy markets.

We will support you to develop and refine your opinion forming process, to equip you with winning arguments, and to help ensure your concerns are part of the political discussion. We will build on the strongest possible base thanks to our independent, comprehensible assessments and scientifically reliable analyses. This, combined with our extensive consulting experience in both understanding the science and putting it into practice, means you can be confident that your opinion will count.

Our thematically-grouped range of consultancy services ranges from the design of renewable energy support mechanisms, the market and regulatory design of energy markets, through to the analysis of climate protection instruments.

r2b addresses these issues by drawing on our detailed knowledge of the relevant markets. At the heart of our approach are the complex, empirical as well as analytical, models of the energy markets we use, and our extensive knowledge of the relevant legal and regulatory framework.

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Associations and companies need a reliable partner

Professional. Rigorous. Effective.

We provide expert opinions and short studies based on rigorous scientific analyses. This will provide you with the foundation you need to make informed decisions; positioning you optimally in relation to the quality and impact of energy and environmental political decisions. In this way, we also create the perfect platform for a factual, winning engagement through public discourse.

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Benefit from our market expertise

Do you have questions concerning the design of the market and its regulatory structure or on climate protection? Do you need advice on e.g. the network fee system? We can support you by providing 'ad hoc' consulting, position papers and short-term statements; all based on our detailed knowledge of the market and of the legal and regulatory framework.

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Quantitative. Model-based. Professional.

Our foundations are our quantitative and empirical methodological skills, detailed knowledge of the market as well as our many years of experience in the field of empirical economic research. This knowledge is the basis for our insights into the effects of the political framework and instruments that we can discuss with you in order to provide reputable, quantitative estimates – even in the most complex cases.

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Our workshops and seminars focus on the key developments in energy and environmental policy. We will explore their effects on your business and the business of your association’s members.

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Selected References

Projects with Associations & Companies


Development of a target model for the design of an auction for the competitive tendering of renewable energy installations

Client: German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW)

In this project, we provided the BDEW with the scientific process support they needed in order to design policy recommendations for renewable energy tenders. Their aim was to meet the objectives of the federal government in respect of renewables’ auctions. So we identified the properties required to design a suitable product and also to design an auction for a renewables tendering process. In addition to this analysis, we supported the decision making process of the BDEW by tailoring and conducting several workshops to ensure meet these requirements were met in full.

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Workshop: Examining the participation of EEG installations in the operating reserve markets in Germany

Client: Service provider

We created a short study for this project on the potential impact on a service provider of a fixed price compensation scheme for renewable energy installations, as well as the national economic advantages and disadvantages of participation. Our key findings are that the participation of renewable energy plants in a fixed price compensation scheme can lead to distortions in the balancing energy markets. However, this is positive from an economic perspective and may contribute to lowering the cost of the maintenance and retrieval of operating reserves. As a result, we recommended the participation of EEG installations in the fixed price compensation scheme be allowed in the balancing power markets.

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Workshop: Transparency in balancing power markets - information needs vs. strategic behavior

Client: European Transmission System Operator

In this workshop, in cooperation with Prof. Axel Ockenfels, we identified possible advantages and disadvantages. In particular, we explored the exertion of market power through the arrangement of the disclosure requirements on balancing power markets. Our central findings were that additional transparency on balancing markets, on the one hand, allows for more efficient bidding and facilitates market entry but, on the other hand, it aids collusion. As a result, we recommended both the publication of limit power prices and the disclosure of release quantities and probabilities.

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Why do we need a more harmonized energy policy in the EU?

Client: Power supply company

In this project for a power supply company, we presented the possible harmonization gains that would result from stronger integration in the European energy sector. At the same time, we considered the distributive effects of those design elements that would enable better classification of the opinions of individual market participants. The presentation took place within the framework of ten theses. We also considered questions concerning electricity markets and the security of supply as well as climate protection and the promotion of renewable energy.

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Feasibility study examining the introduction of a stock exchange 'green electricity auction' for electricity from renewable energy sources

Client: Transmission system operator

For this project, we analyzed the options available for the introduction of a stock exchange 'green electricity auction' for electricity from renewable energy sources, in addition to the EEG, and discussed those with the client. We analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of this proposal for grid operators and examined the requirements for its implementation.

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Efficient regime for the development of renewable energies, the development of the 'energy-only' market and the preservation of the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

Client: RWE AG

In this study, working in cooperation with Frontier Economics, we presented our findings on both a qualitative and quantitative level as to:

  • How the future development of renewable energy in Europe can be developed sensibly, while meeting energy policy goals.
  • Which further developments in the design of the electricity market are necessary to ensure continued security of supply in the context of the expansion of renewable energy.
  • How the ETS can be further developed in light of the renewable energy expansion, while maintaining its steering function.
  • Which further policy and regulatory requirements must be met to implement this, both at EU and national level.

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