Innovative business models

The energy industry is going digital

Many exciting new business opportunities are opening up in the energy industry in the course of the 'digital revolution' (Industry 4.0) and the growing possibilities for complex data processing.

Traditional energy consumers are increasingly developing into smart energy users. On the one hand, these ‘independent energy entrepreneurs' continue to act as an end user. On the other hand they increasingly require their own feasible energy solutions locally that take account of their own supply.

The energy supply of the future has taken this trend into account: It actively involves the customer in its business and sales strategy.

Our services for you include:

  • Identification and discussion of customer requirements for new energy products
  • Quantifying the customer’s willingness to pay for new energy products
  • Analysis and prognosis of the markets for new energy products
  • Analysis of competitors and cooperation opportunities for new business models

As a consulting company focused on energy economics, we have our eye on these long-term trends and issues arising for your business. We work with you to determine concrete development steps for the coming years. We build on this to develop new, coordinated business strategies and help you to maintain and strengthen your position in the market in the long term.

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New opportunities for your business

The needs of modern consumers demand new business concepts: From technical equipment of smart home applications, to the possibility of flexibly charging electric cars, and through to improving energy efficiency (e.g. through alternative heating and lighting concepts).

This increasingly networked energy supply offers great potential for new products as well as cost advantages for all involved parties. Energy customers’ more predictable and controllable consumption loads reduce the cost of balancing group management and energy procurement. The advantage? Both the energy customer and the energy supplier can profit from this. Small, decentralized customer generation systems can be integrated into European energy markets and thus can actively participate in the energy business.

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Selected References

Our innovative business model projects

Energy demand study

Client: Energy supply company

How will power consumption change over the coming decades? How is annual electricity consumption and hourly load profile developing? We examine the most important factors such as; electromobility; technological progress; efficiency; structural economic change; and climate control in detail. We then analyze their impact on power consumption and load. In order to estimate the development of the load profiles of each sector, we developed a wide range of individual consumption profiles for the sectors’ households, trade/commerce/services, transport, industry and the public sector. Different scenarios are considered in light of the significant uncertainties these developments bring. In this way, we are able to map an appropriate range of possible developments.

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Future energy solutions

Client: Energy supply company

We analyzed possible future markets in the area of household customers, industry/commerce and the public sector, as part of a reorientation of their sales strategy. We examined a variety of different customer groups, and new product groups in particular, and further developed our consumption profiles.

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