Innovative business models

The energy industry is going digital

Many exciting new business opportunities are opening up in the energy industry in the course of the ‘digital revolution’ (Industry 4.0) and the growing possibilities of complex data processing (Big Data, Machine Learning, etc.).

Traditional energy consumers are increasingly developing into smart energy users. They continue to act primarily as end consumers, but are increasingly willing to optimize energy consumption and invest in self-supply.  The energy supply of the future has taken this trend into account: It develops comprehensive energy solutions and actively involves customers in its business and sales strategy.

Vernetzung und Digitalisierung von Energieerzeugern und Energieverbrauchern
Our services for your new business models:
  • Identification and discussion of customer requirements
  • Quantifying customers’ willingness to pay
  • Analysis and prognosis of sales markets
  • Analysis of competitors and cooperation opportunities

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We follow current trends and discussions and work with you to derive specific development steps for your future business strategy in order to offer real value-add to modern energy consumers.

This way, we help you to successfully position yourself in the energy market of the future.