December 2022 | Publications & Articles

New publication on wind energy auctions in Germany

The paper "Evaluating the German onshore wind auction programme: An analysis based on individual bids" was published in the special issue of the journal Energy Policy on "Renewable energy auctions - past, present, and future".
September 2022 | Reports & Studies

BMWK publishes final report “Evaluation of load management monitoring pursuant to Section 51a EnWG for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 survey rounds”

Plausibility check, preparation and evaluation of the data of the Federal Network Agency's (BNetzA) Load Management Monitoring for years 2017 to 2019
October 2021 | Events

Role and importance of hydrogen in a net-zero future

Wolfgang Meyer, Senior Analyst at r2b, held a presentation at the Energy Platform for Europe Conference 2021 about „The benefits of hydrogen electrolysers on the market value of variable renewable energy in the context of the European hydrogen strategy“.
October 2021 | Publications & Articles

Solar and wind power generation forecasts using elastic net in time-varying forecast combinations

Felix Müsgens, partner at r2b energy consulting, has published an article in the renowned journal "Applied Energy".
May 2021 | Reports & Studies

Report on the “Effects of the German capacity reserve on neighbouring member states”

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, we have prepared the just published report and consulted with neighboring member states as well as Acer and ENTSO-E.
March 2021 | General

Prof. Felix Müsgens provides scientific advice for 50Hertz

Prof. Felix Müsgens is one of the 21 renowned scientists appointed by 50Hertz to its Scientific Advisory & Project Board.