Portfolio and risk management

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The energy transition is bringing about lasting and serious changes to the framework conditions for all participants in the electricity market. On the demand side, the German energy mix is less and less dominated by hard coal and lignite, while the supply-dependent energy sources of solar and wind are playing an increasingly important part in power generation. The demand side is becoming more flexible and sector coupling is bringing new consumers to the market. Portfolio management with a forward-looking approach must keep an eye on these changes in order to take advantage of new opportunities instead of taking avoidable risks. With our energy management expertise, we support both energy supply companies with and without their own generation facilities, as well as large consumers, in successfully maintaining their position in the market.

Marketing strategies

Are you looking for new marketing strategies for your power plant? If so, r2b energy consulting is the right choice! Together with you, we analyze your production or consumption system with regard to its ability to market flexibility. We take into account the specific characteristics of your system constellation in our power plant deployment model. This depicts your system and its flexibility commercialization potential in spot and balancing energy markets with the necessary level of detail. If several plants are considered at the same time, we also integrate potential portfolio effects into the model, taking into account all revenue and cost drivers. This allows us to unlock additional revenues through avoided network utilization fees or alternative heat supply. In this context, you can also profit from our price prognosis tools.

Procurement & self-generation

Our consulting on portfolio procurement ranges from the development and formulation of a procurement strategy and advise on suitable procurement timings, to assessing the success of procurement and the determination of transfer prices within your company. We support you on the basis of your current procurement structure (for example long-term contracts, available storage, flexible contract components) to design a procurement strategy tailored to your needs. We take into account the specifics of the different commodities (electricity, natural gas, coal, CO2 certificates) and always keep a close eye on the current market situation.

New strategies for sales

We support you in the development and implementation of new products, and with entering new markets. Do you have the impression that the large amount of data available in your company should be better integrated into product development? Using our methodological know-how in the field of databases and our energy industry expertise, we will answer your questions in a targeted and personalized manner.

Risk management & risk controlling

Energy supply companies are constantly confronted with risks on electricity markets. In addition to the typical volatility of electricity prices, unforeseen power plant outages, extreme weather events or external shocks on commodity markets, for example, can also cause significant price movements. Well-functioning, efficient risk management is therefore a major pillar in achieving sustainable success. We develop processes for identifying, assessing and managing relevant risks that are tailored to your trading strategy and corporate policy. This way, we provide you with targeted and institutionalized support in the management of undesirable events that endanger the achievement of your company’s goals – and thus secure your company’s success in the long term.

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