Stochastic Energy System Analysis Model (SESAM)

The European energy system model SESAM developed by r2b opens up new insights into the energy market of the future.

With SESAM, individual decisions of economic entities (companies and consumers) can be simulated on competitively organized electricity markets – taking into account economic and political conditions.

European. Comprehensive. Dynamic.

Our model maps the investment and disinvestment decisions of market participants – as well as their short-term, hourly decisions on the supply and demand of electricity – to inform our medium to long-term forecasts. Our energy system model can predict the minimal development cost of a future energy system. These predications correspond to the requirements of future developments called fundamental variables, such as the price of fuels and CO2 certificates or annual electricity demand. In this instance, r2b takes into account both the composition of the generation park as well as hourly usage on all relevant markets.

Abstract image with codes and numbers
Principle outputs of our energy system model...

… Development of installed capacity by energy sources, production technologies and countries (conventional power plants, storage and pumped storage power plants)

… Development of electricity generation by energy source and countries

… Development of electricity imports and exports between countries

… Development of fuel consumption in electricity generation

…Development of CO2 emissions in electricity generation

… Development of the hourly wholesale electricity prices

… Development of hourly balancing market prices

… Development of prices for emissions certificates (‘CO2 prices’)

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