Renewable energy sector

European potential data for renewable energies

For project developers, operators and investors in the field of renewable energies, the identification of suitable locations for corresponding plants and their economic evaluation is an important part of their work. With our many years of expertise in the field of GIS-based potential and area analyses for wind power and photovoltaic ground-mounted plants, as well as our broad range of economic feasibility analyses, we can provide ideal support.

Take advantage of our detailed European databases for renewable energies, which were created on the basis of geographic information systems and are continuously maintained and further developed. Our experts for GIS applications, databases and regional planning will be happy to develop individual solutions for your projects together with you.

Windräder und Solarpanele in weitläufigem Nadelwald

GIS Applications

In order to optimize the time and cost efficiency of the calculation of potential sites for renewable energies, we have developed automated and flexible GIS models over several years, created a powerful hardware infrastructure and build up corresponding databases. Thus, it is possible both to analyze large study areas (for example entire federal states) in a very short time and to calculate various scenarios (for example anticipated changes in distance regulations for wind energy) without a great deal of additional effort. With the help of these models, parcels of land on offer can be checked individually for their suitability for renewable energies within a very short time.

Profitability analyses

In addition to site identification, we also provide support in the economic evaluation of these undeveloped sites or carry out differentiated analyses of existing plants and portfolios. For this we use, for example, extensive weather databases for wind and solar, which allow different approaches: Data with a spatial resolution of 250 meters and average values for the last 30 years can be used for a quick ad-hoc evaluation of the sites. Our hourly weather information of the last 14 years can also be used for more in-depth analyses. Here we use, for example, time-series tools that enable the creation of precise yield forecasts.

Our services at a glance:

  • Comprehensive analyses based on a scalable geographic information system (GIS) taking into account various geodata layers
  • Use of our detailed, geocoded databases and processing of always up-to-date geo, weather and installation data
  • Provide identified areas in various formats such as Excel, Image and Shape files
  • Evaluation of area potentials based on economic criteria
  • Detailed overview of developments in regional planning for the whole of Germany
  • Independent consulting by our interdisciplinary team

Operators & direct marketers

Early renewable energy plants used to only receive a fixed feed-in tariff and therefore maximized their electricity production. With the introduction of the market premium in Germany in 2014 at the latest, a more system- and market-serving orientation of renewable energy plants has been demanded and encouraged. This is why economic marketing of wind and solar plants requires an understanding of the technical characteristics and local conditions – an awareness of the market environment is also more important than ever.

Whether solar, wind, hydro, biomass or geothermal: with our expertise in energy economics and our proven models, we support you in the evaluation of your renewable energy portfolio and optimize your marketing strategy together with you. We also support you in the evaluation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Find out more about our services in portfolio management and in forecasting electricity prices and generation.

Services of our subsidiary solarea GmbH:

  • Solar energy: Europe-wide area potential analysis
  • Wind energy: Europe-wide analysis of potential areas
  • Acquisition and securing of land