All of Europe is planning the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy. European regulation, national strategies, and local clusters – there is a wealth of news on the subject.

On the one hand, electrochemically produced hydrogen can be used to store large amounts of energy over long periods of time, e.g. to save solar power for the winter. On the other hand, numerous industrial processes as well as parts of the transportation and building sector will be difficult to electrify in the medium term. This is another area where hydrogen will be used in the future.

At present, it is difficult to keep track of all the issues regarding hydrogen. Regulatory, political, studies and non-papers appear at short intervals and expectations of market participants are changing rapidly.

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We offer well founded and thought-out support in all questions concerning the energy economics of hydrogen. We regularly look at all stages of the hydrogen value chain, from imports and production, storage and transport, to distribution and application.

We offer our analyses both at system level as well as focused on specific regions and sub-aspects of the hydrogen economy. Our approach is to think and analyze techno-economic factors and regulation as a whole.

r2b has a geo-referenced and continuously updated hydrogen database on demand and production sites as well as hydrogen infrastructure facilities.

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Hydrogen electrolysis in Europe in 2035

r2b and VERBUND (Austria’s leading energy company) publish joint analyses on the future role of hydrogen electrolysis in Europe in 2035 in emw magazine “Wege zum Wasserstoff” (energate)

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