Strategy consulting for the energy transition

The energy transition as engine of your successs

The energy transition brought fundamental changes to the energy industry – and beyond. We provide long-term perspective – we offer long-term oriented, economically sound and custom-made consulting. We focus on clear, understandable recommendations for action, based on scientific and highly complex methods.

We offer support in the following topics

Renewable Energies

In order to integrate renewable energies as a reliable and decentralized alternative to fossil-thermal power generation, far-reaching measures are required to further develop the current energy system.

Sector coupling

Successive increase of the share of renewable energy with simultaneous reduction of CO2-emission – by an optimal linkage of the sectors it becomes possible.


We regularly address all stages of the hydrogen value chain, from imports and production, storage and transport to distribution and application.

In addition, we have a geo-referenced and continuously updated hydrogen database on demand and production sites as well as hydrogen infrastructure facilities.

Future energy infrastructure

The face of the energy industry is changing rapidly – this is also affecting infrastructure. Actors are facing completely new challenges such as the ever-growing share of fluctuating renewable energy in power grids, new consumers such as e-mobility and heat pumps, as well as innovative energy sources such as hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives.

We support you in analyses of tomorrow’s energy infrastructure. Be it the identification of new business areas, the upgrading of existing assets, or profitability calculations for storage facilities – we are at your side and provide economically sound specialist knowledge and energy industry expertise.

Decarbonization strategies

From an economic point of view, it makes sense not to get lost in individual measures, but to approach decarbonization as holistically as possible and to incorporate it into an integrative strategy. We offer to work with you to develop a decarbonization strategy that is individually tailored to your company.

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We know you, your competitors and your respective position in the energy market.

In addition, we have a profound knowledge of how the energy and commodity markets function and their state – in Germany, in Europe, worldwide. This enables us to show you not only how and where you can grow in the future, but also by which framework conditions the economic prosperity of your company is influenced.