Market and regulatory design

Balancing markets

Participation in balancing energy markets requires extensive economic, legal and technical know-how. We outline the current market and product design for balancing energy markets and any planned changes, analyze the possibilities and revenue potentials of marketing the flexibility of your generation plants or consumption processes in the different segments of the balancing energy markets. We advise you on everything from the prequalification procedure, to options for securing your supply obligation, participation in a marketing pool, and optimization of your daily bidding strategy.

Balancing group & balancing energy system

Whether you are a trader, a distributor, a marketer of renewable energies or an industrial consumer: active management of your balancing group opens up numerous possibilities for you! Through small deviations between your registered and realized schedules, a so-called co-regulation, you can keep your balancing energy costs low and thus improve your competitive position. We highlight your opportunities under the current and future regulatory framework and support you in the operational implementation of the right measures.

Network charges

If you actively take advantage of the opportunities to reduce your network charges under the current system and the existing exemptions, you can make a significant contribution to reducing electricity procurement costs for consumers. We will show you the options that the legal and regulatory framework offers today and in the future. In doing so, we always take into account the planned adjustments to numerous regulations to reduce grid charges by actively managing your electricity purchases.

Promotion of renewable energy

Since the introduction of tenders and the market premium for renewable energy plants, active marketing and bidding strategies are essential to compete successfully. We advise you in detail on the subsidy system in Germany in order to successfully place your renewable energy investment in a tender so that you benefit optimally from governmental subsidies.

Self-generation & self-consumption

Rising surcharges, government levies and grid fees have increased the cost of electricity for consumers in recent years. The current energy crisis is further exacerbating the cost pressure that is already high. Together with you, we analyze the extent to which self-generation facilities can reduce your electricity costs. In doing so, we discuss your individual requirements and options for setting up your own generation, quantify the expected reductions in electricity costs, and evaluate risks that could result from a further reduction in the privileges granted for self-consumption.