Hydrogen database

The geo-referenced and continuously updated database includes demand and production sites as well as established hydrogen infrastructure facilities and is based on publicly available databases and statistics as well as scientific studies and reports, r2b-internal databases and other publications such as newspaper articles. r2b processes the hydrogen data for fundamental analyses in the energy sector.


The site-specific production capacities for hydrogen are divided into conventional production, joint production and electrochemical production (hydrogen electrolysis). Hydrogen demand in Europe is currently dominated by feedstock applications in refineries, chemical companies, and occasional applications in the metal industry. While it is well possible to estimate the status quo of the annual hydrogen demand in these sectors, the future (energetic) hydrogen demand is unknown and subject to uncertainties.

Therefore, we also provide forecasts of geo-referenced locations of demand where future energetic use of hydrogen is possible or likely. This applies, for example, to applications in the transport or mobility sector, public and industrial power and heat supply, and primary steel production.

Karte mit Elektrolysestandorten in Deutschland

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Hydrogen electrolysis in Europe in 2035

r2b and VERBUND (Austria’s leading energy company) publish joint analyses on the future role of hydrogen electrolysis in Europe in 2035 in emw magazine “Wege zum Wasserstoff” (energate)

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