Renewable Energies

Challenging key market

The age of renewables has been reached and the energy transition is in full swing. In order to integrate renewable energy sources as a reliable and decentralized alternative to fossil-thermal power generation, far-reaching measures to further develop the current energy system are necessary.

Energy companies – and all other actors involved in the energy transition – must face extensive restructuring and adaptation measures. Because in the medium term, the energy system will be dominated by renewable energies!

Windpark und Solarpark

We will help you analyze:

  • Characteristics, potentials, and technologies of renewable energies
  • Demonstration and implications of European promotion designs
  • Development of quantitative (market) scenarios for the development of renewable energy in Europe
  • Modeling of the resulting flexibility requirements in the power system
  • Quantitative analysis of the profitability of your renewable energy/storage projects
  • Impact of renewable energies on grid situations

Multi-factor analysis

The basis for the (further) development of your business models or political decisions should be well-founded modeling with high-resolution data, carried out by our team with interdisciplinary expertise. Our aim is not only to perform the analyses for you, but to develop with you a deep understanding of the complex interplay of physical conditions, regulatory frameworks, and economic realities in the future energy system.

We work out scenarios and forecasts for you that you can use to efficiently plan future investments in, for example, grids or power plants, or to examine the systemic effects of regulatory interventions in isolation. For this, we use our different renewables models, and extensive databases on weather, plants and potentials. As a result, we will provide you with a detailed expansion prognosis for individual renewable energy technologies; including hourly generation profiles for different annual weather conditions that will facilitate your assessment of the future development of renewables. We can do this for all countries in Europe!

Take advantage of our expertise, our data, and our tools to quantitatively prove the opportunities and risks in your decisions and to be able to place them in the future energy system.

Our services

Analysis of promotional instruments in Europe

Within Europe, there are many different promotional systems for renewable energy – and their designs are constantly changing. We analyze the promotional systems in different countries and guide your decision on investing in other markets or developing promotional systems in a more target-oriented manner.

Get the following overview of the market with us:

  • Detailed description of promotional instruments, taking account of individual renewable energy technologies and renewable energy plants (feed-in tariffs, bonuses, the possible development of green electricity certificate prices, and other promotional sources)
  • Analysis of potential additional revenue streams, such as wholesale electricity prices (relevant for premium models and quota obligation schemes, for example)
Europe-wide area potential analyses to determine suitable locations for wind energy and PV ground-mounted systems


With the help of our precisely tailored analyses, you are always in a position to identify land potential and to secure the sites that are attractive to you  for constructing wind energy and PV ground-mounted systems. Our services include a unique combination of comprehensive databases, scalable models based on geographic information systems (GIS) and the know-how of our team of interdisciplinary experts.

From site-specific area potential analysis to the investigation of entire countries – we provide you with the appropriate decision-making basis for your next renewable energy project. The parameterization can be customized, so that you receive an analysis tailored to your requirements and adapted to the conditions and framework of the various countries or regions, while we always consider the requirements of regional planning.

Regionalized forecasts of the expansion and generation structure of fluctuating renewables

We forecast expansion paths for any area (e.g. network/grid areas), taking into account specific regional conditions such as potential and weather conditions for individual renewable technologies.

At the same time, we calculate hourly generation structures for differing climatic years on the basis of our high resolution spatial and temporal weather data as well as our georeferenced databases for built or planned renewable energy plants. As a result, you will receive an hourly generation time series as well as the underlying expansion paths of individual renewable energy technologies for any number of forecast years.

We are also happy to predict the residual load of respective areas for you. To this end, we also employ our regional load forecast model.

Market value & profitability

The revenue generated by renewable systems on the wholesale electricity market depends on their respective, fluctuating input and the corresponding hourly electricity prices on the electricity exchange.

The development of market values is even more relevant in countries where reduced market values are not, at least partially, compensated for by a promotional system (sliding market premium). Not least of these are PPA projects.

In this case, a further increase in the construction of new renewable energy sources can reduce the market value of wind power and photovoltaic systems, rendering planned projects uneconomical.

  • We provide a thorough overview of the relevance of market values across different promotional systems.
  • For all European countries, we forecast the development of individual technologies’ market value.
  • We evaluate the profitability of your renewable energy plant or planned project.
  • We show you what opportunities and risks arise in each respective country.

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