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The energy transition is accompanied by a variety of challenges for all players along the value chain. We work with you to identify the current need for action and future opportunities for your company or your area of responsibility. We provide ideas for sustainable strategies for current challenges and for medium- and long-term positioning in the market under dynamically changing conditions. From vision to implementation – r2b energy consulting is the competent knowledge partner at your side!

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Energy supply companies play a fundamental part in the energy transition, especially in the decarbonization of power generation. The shutdown of coal-fired power plants is pushed publicly, while at the same time people still expect a reliable and cost-efficient supply of electricity. Conventional energy supply companies with their own generation facilities are therefore faced with strategic decisions that shape the future. New challenges are also arising in selling electricity. Modern electricity customers increasingly want to make their own decisions about their power supply and demand individual energy solutions.

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Do you need support for planning your investments, your power plant deployment, your sales strategy or for load and electricity price forecasts? r2b energy consulting is the perfect partner for energy supply companies – both for short and medium-term consulting needs and for your strategic orientation in future issues.

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Our services for grid operators

The energy transition is not only fundamentally changing the way electricity is generated – the German as well as the European power grids are also undergoing a period of transformation. The transmission grid is becoming increasingly integrated across Europe, upgraded to accommodate the north-south gap in renewable generation in Germany, and a reconfiguration of bidding zones in Europe is being explored. In the distribution grid, the increasing decentralization of generation plants in recent years (in particular due to the addition of photovoltaics), the digitalization of energy grids, and sector coupling are characteristic of the German energy transition. While the role of heat pumps and electric mobility is important for the energy transition, the intelligent and efficient integration of high additional flexible loads is equally challenging.

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Modern and robust grid infrastructure is required to ensure a continued reliable and efficient supply. r2b energy consulting supports modern grid operators in optimally aligning themselves for the future. With our many years of experience, this includes detailed and regionalized load forecasts, stochastic analyses of the effects of new consumers such as electric mobility on the load on the grids, and model-based grid calculations.