Business development and asset valuations

We work with you to develop your position in the relevant market of the future.

We provide the basis for strategic decisions by combining and integrating our know-how from market and competitive analyses with our valuation and methodological expertise. In this way, we provide you with assessments that we jointly integrate into your objectives (e.g. continued existence of the company, positioning in the competitive environment, expected returns, shareholder value, social responsibility). Since our foundation in 2009, we have provided our clients with optimal advice on entering new markets, launching new products and acquiring or selling parts of their business.

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Our services

  • Preparation of revenue forecasts for generation plants & energy storage systems
  • “Bankable” business plans for your investment project
  • Specific energy solutions for different supply tasks
  • Generation technologies for the electricity market of the future
  • Market analyses for the development of new markets

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We know your regulatory framework, we know your competitors, we know how your markets work and we know the parameters that determine the possible developments of your market in the future.