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The European energy sector is facing profound structural change in light of the many great questions that confront our age regarding energy, the environment and the politics of both. Against this background, there is a significant degree of uncertainty facing investors in energy infrastructure. This is especially true for all systems of conventional power generation, renewable energy, transmission networks, refining, resource extraction, and for gas and electricity storage.

This structural change, on the other hand, also opens up great opportunities in new areas of activity for your company, and creates the space for new products and business models.

Our services help you to:

  • Assess the impact of new legal framework on the profitability of proposed investments
  • Understand the effects of changes in the global energy markets on the profitability of proposed investments
  • Forecast long-term electricity and balancing energy prices for your further project planning
  • Assess and evaluate the latest technological developments
  • Assess and evaluate new regional markets
  • Quantitatively assess investment projects

Deciding whether to construct, acquire or participate in an energy infrastructure installation requires detailed studies. r2b energy consulting finds the optimal investment strategy for your company and partners you when you’re walking new paths.

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We will help you envisage your proposed investment project

We understand your regulatory framework, we know your competitors and how the markets work.

We know the parameters that will shape the future development of your market.

We have the data, the analytical tools and the expertise required.

We can work out with you how to position you in the right market for the future.

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Offshore windenergy as rewarding investment option?

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Selected Products & Services

Your investment decision must be based on an informed analysis of its future revenue potential. We can provide you with the analysis you need to:

  • Discuss market and competitor developments
  • Forecast price development, based on our quantitative analysis
  • Forecast cost development, based on our quantitative analysis
  • Forecast revenue and contribution margin development, based on our quantitative analysis and drawing on in-depth marketing and deployment strategy models (in particular of power plants and energy storage)
  • Calculate the return on your investment

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Investment projects are financed in part through bank loans in order to raise the necessary funds and because this approach brings economic benefits compared to alternative financing models. We will develop a business plan for you that convinces your bank of the financial viability of your investment project.

On the basis of revenue and cost forecasts, we will calculate your cash flow across different development scenarios. This lets you know right away what funds you need to procure and over what timeframe - from the planning to the construction phase, from the plant commissioning phase through to its regular operation and finally its dismantling.

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We examine and evaluate different ways of providing for your energy needs based on your individual on-site requirements. We consider all possible ways of marketing your plants on all local and national markets:

  • The supply of an industrial area with self-produced electricity and self-produced heat and cold
  • Supply a part of town with district and local heating
  • The supply of your business with renewable energy

Which installation technology should you chose? Which energy sources should you chose? Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

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As a technology company, you must align your investment technology to meet the requirements of the energy market of the future. This will ensure you continue to impress as a supplier of choice, offering the best of all possible configurations for your customers. But the demands on energy infrastructure will change over the medium to long term.

  • What degree of flexibility must your plant technology have to face the future?
  • How (energy) efficient is your plant? Are there efficiency losses at sub-optimal capacity?
  • How long is the technical lifetime of your plant given more volatile plant operation?
  • What are the costs to your customers of acquiring and maintaining this system?

Based on our in-depth analysis, we are able to best represent your position in the plant manufacturer marketplace - we look forward to hearing from you!

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You would like to expand and open up new markets abroad? Taking into account the prevailing conditions at each location, we provide you with energy industry market analysis to explore the success your company could enjoy in these markets.

Our analyses include:

  • Surveys, evaluations and analysis of market data
  • Compilations of relevant literature and ordinances
  • Preparing development scenarios for the markets under consideration
  • Use of our forecasting models for the markets to be examined

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Selected References

Investment strategy projects

Evaluating investment decisions: flexibilities in the balancing energy market

Client: Energy supply company

We assessed the additional revenue that can be achieved by a thermal power plant, when marketing its flexibility optimally on the German balancing energy markets. We also developed marketing and bidding strategies that enabled the maximum possible return from the investment, taking into account the current market and product designs in the balancing energy markets.

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Electricity and balancing energy prices up to 2050: the potential for pumped-storage power plants

Client: Energy supply company

This project examined the advantages of a pumped-storage power plant in an integrated balancing market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the study, we used our fundamental electricity market model to estimate balancing energy prices and power, as well as wholesale market prices for electricity in these countries. We then evaluated the cost-effectiveness of a specific pumped-storage power plant within these markets.

Looking for an expert in the balancing energy market? We look forward to working with you!

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Estimating the size of investment required for a storage technology for sale on the day-ahead market

Client: Industrial company

Innovative storage technologies will play an important role in the electricity generation system in the future because of the volatile electricity supply from renewable energy sources. We estimated the future proceeds of a modern flywheel energy storage system to determine the value of such technology and thus support the development work. To do this, we modelled a variety of technical configurations and simulated their operation in the electricity market. The input parameters were the future hourly and quarter-hourly electricity prices generated by our fundamental electricity model.

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Analysis and estimation of possible developments in solar energy in Turkey until 2040

Client: Energy supply company

We assessed the appeal of solar thermal power plants in Turkey. First we created - in cooperation with a meteorological service - an estimate of the solar radiation in Turkey at different locations. Based on this, we determined the economic viability of such plants, taking into account various funding situations and costs.

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