Strategic, organizational & process consulting

Corporate success: maximize - minimize risks

The energy industry is a very dynamic sector. Market conditions, as well as the regulatory framework which is subjected to disruptive changes, are changing continuously. However, this does not only mean continuous challenges for your business. Above all, it means ever new market opportunities. They require strategic decisions that should be optimally prepared and, if possible, based on detailed cost-benefit analyzes. In order to optimally implement your strategic decisions, adjustments to the structure of your company are required. We can help you with our expertise in organizational and process consulting.

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Strategy consulting

Our understanding of strategic decisions are forward-looking, fundamental decisions that are of vital importance to your business. We provide the basis for these decisions by combining and integrating our expertise in market and competitive analyzes with our evaluation and methodological skills. We can deliver assessments that we will then integrate into your objectives (e.g. survival of the company, competitive positioning, expected return, shareholder value, or social responsibility). Since our foundation in 2009, we have provided first class advice to our customers; whether they are entering new markets, introducing new products, or purchasing or selling assets.

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Organization & process consulting

New business areas require new structures. While building new departments and divisions together with our customer, we pursued our goal of defining clear areas of responsibility - where each and every employee keeps an eye on the 'big picture'.

We combine our pricing know-how with our focus on finding the optimal incentive structure within the company in order to deduce the prime transfer rates. This way the interface between procurement and sales can be best organized so that these two central units maximize your company's success and optimally control risk.

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Our services for you include:

  • Preparation and presentation of processes in process diagrams
  • Drawing up organizational manuals
  • Configuration and monitoring of incentive systems (at the divisional, departmental or individual level)

Selected References

Process and organizational consulting projects

Building a portfolio and risk management in the gas industry

Client: Energy supply company

This project delivered the energy supply company’s aim of reorganizing their portfolio management in response to changing conditions in the gas market. We supported the customer through this as well as with several follow-up projects - to maximize the available opportunities.

The project steps include:

  • Establishment of the wholesale market price as a transfer price
  • Development of a portfolio management strategy
  • Optimal management of long-term supply contracts
  • Establishment of risk management


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Description and implementation of new processes

Client: Energy supply company

We analyzed various customer processes. The analysis began with a collection of the relevant activities. We then described them and provided a graphic representation in the form of process diagrams. Then we supported the customer in communicating the new processes internally and with monitoring their proper implementation in day-to-day business. 

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Fundamental energy policy market analysis for a gas trading company

Client: Gas supply company

Next to the electricity markets, the European gas markets are subject to constant change. In addition to innovations such as the ability to transport gas in liquid form ('LNG'), political and regulatory interventions (as well as changes to resource markets) affect market development and revenue opportunities. This project met the client’s aim to create a fundamental understanding of the changing gas market. One of the key aspects is the development of a fundamental European gas market model. Our analyses serve to anticipate medium- and long-term developments in volume and price, improving the basis for strategic business decisions (and downstream operational decisions).

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