Prof. Felix Müsgens provides scientific advice for 50Hertz

created March 2021

Prof. Felix Müsgens is one of the 21 renowned scientists appointed by 50Hertz to its Scientific Advisory & Project Board.

The new Scientific Advisory & Project Board (SAPB) was established by 50Hertz to provide scientific advice on the challenges of the energy transition. Stefan Kapferer, CEO of 50Hertz, explained during the initial meeting: ‘The phase out of coal and the implementation of the European Green Deal are an enormous challenge for our society. To overcome this challenge, close cooperation between the economic and scientific sectors is necessary – even more cooperation than during the first phase of the energy transition.’

The Scientific Advisory & Project Board has already started its work and discussed the topics of energy scenarios and system security in its workshops. In the coming months, the members of the SAPB want to continue working on these topics in depth and make their expertise available to 50Hertz’s different specialist departments in joint interdisciplinary research and development projects.

Pressrelease of 50Hertz

Further information about the SAPB can be found here.